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About Literary Blooms

Literary Blooms is the co-creation of lifelong readers and book lovers, Cherish Blake and Lacy Blake-Vetter.

While planning Lacy's wedding we inevitably came upon the question anyone who has planned a wedding does.. What about the flowers? Lacy wanted something beautiful, unique, long lasting, and that represented her and her fiance. 

Enter book flowers!

As a book seller by trade, Cherish had plenty of unusable books to practice on. And after much trial and error, we mastered our flower design. 

We were so happy with the results, we decided to take the next step and create Literary Blooms!

We are excited to spread the book love onto you. Whether you're planning a wedding, looking for that perfect arrangement for your home, have and office or retail establishment, book club, or any special event.

Our Flowers

Each bloom is handmade. Petals are cut, shaped and attached to stem individually. As in nature, no two flowers will ever be the same! Unlike nature, our flowers will last a lifetime.

Our Books

Our pre-made flowers and arrangements are created from books that are no longer able to be donated or sold due to condition, whether pages are torn, spines are split, or stains abound. We take pride in up-cycling books that are destined to be recycled and/or pulped and giving them new life.  

Have a certain book you would like to have flowers made from? Just let us know! As book sellers, our inventory is deep.

Our Vases

Our vases are all picked up second (or third or fourth) hand at flea markets and estate sales. We try to pick vases that match the personality of the book. You can choose to buy arrangements in a vase or wrapped in tissue.

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