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Agatha Christie Bouquet


Do you, or someone special in your life, love Agatha Christie as much as we do? Then these flowers are the perfect way to display this timeless mysteries in a beautiful and truly unique way in your home!


Using damaged books that would otherwise soon be sent to recycling centers or landfills, we create beautiful, lifelike roses that will last a lifetime.


These book flowers are the perfect way to show your bookish personality in your home. Or as a literary gift for the book lover in your life!


This Wrapped Bouquet contains 3 flowers-

•             1 Small approximately 3” across

•             1 Medium approximately 5” across

•             1 Large approximately 6” across



Each bouquet comes wrapped in tissue and tied with a bow.


Single Stemmed Roses are also available, click here to view


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Our rose design gives you the most unique, highest quality, and lifelike rose you will find.


•             Every petal is hand cut and shaped.

•             Individually applied to stem.

•             Roses are placed on a green leafy stem approximately 10” long.

•             Easy care instructions included.


Text and illustrations will vary from flower to flower. Just like in nature, no two flowers are alike. Unlike nature, our flowers will last for years to come.


We offer Free Shipping on all orders in the USA! Wrapped Bouquets will ship via USPS Priority Mail within 1-3 business days of your order.


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Agatha Christie Book Page Flower Bouquet

$73.00 Regular Price
$65.70Sale Price
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