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Patricia Wants to Cuddle

If you've been following along on the blog this year you know that 2023 has not been a thrilling year of reading for me. I've had trouble finding books that excite me, books that I don't want to put down, and books that I can't wait to get back to... It's been a very "meh" year of reading...

Until now!

What's it about?

When the final four women in competition for an aloof, if somewhat sleazy, bachelor's heart arrive on a mysterious island in the Pacific Northwest, they mentally prepare themselves for another week of extreme sleep deprivation, invasive interviews, and of course, the salacious drama that viewers nationwide tune in to eagerly devour. Each woman came on 'The Catch' for her own reasons—brand sponsorships, followers, and yes, even love—and they've all got their eyes steadfastly trained on their respective prizes.

This honestly doesn't even begin to scratch the surface for what the book entails! I picked up this genre defying book by Samantha Allen from the library on Saturday and I could not put it down!

Patricia Wants to Cuddle has everything... Reality dating show drama, an unsolved missing persons case, Pacific Northwest scenery, Sasquatch??

It is a horror comedy, with queer elements, that's also a mystery? With some sci-fi sprinkled in?

I don't want to give away too much, but suffice to say I devoured this book. I loved every page of it. Every character, no matter how big or how small, was unique, captivating, and mattered to the overall story. It was a hilariously spooky good time and perfect for a light, easy summer read.

I highly recommend this book! 5/5 stars!

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