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The Beauty of Used Books

Here at Literary Blooms we take great pride in upcycling books that are damaged, discarded, and being thrown away.

As avid book lovers, it warms our hearts to be able to give these stories a new life of their own. One in which they can continue to live on forever in the warm comfort of a bookworms home instead of being lost and forgotten in a landfill.

Sometimes, sometimes... Special books find their way to us.

Many of the books we use are annotated, written in, highlighted, scribbled over, and extremely well loved.

This weekend I pulled out a damaged copy of E.B. White's Charlotte's Web. The pages are waterlogged and worn yellow with time. But on the back cover there was a penciled dedication...

"to Karen

to pass to her children



Books are magical, their messages and their meanings transcend time.

As I prepare to create flowers out of this treasured story I will be thinking about Karen and her mom. I will smile at the beautiful illustrations. I will be tender with the soft, well worn pages. I will wonder who their favorite characters were. I will wonder what parts of the story made them laugh, what parts made them cry...

And a piece of their love for this story, for this book, will be imbued in every single petal of our flowers.

What childhood story was special to you and your family?

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1 Comment

Mar 16, 2023

I love this!! It brought tears to my eyes. I hope and pray that all my books get passed on to my grandbabies and then to their babies! I also write messages in the books I give my children and grandchildren! ❤️

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