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10 Books That Will Make The Perfect Gift

If you're like me, holiday shopping can be... Overwhelming! What do I give my parent who has everything? My spouse said they don't want anything... But I have to get them something!

Like most bookworms I usually gravitate towards the bookstore when it comes to gift giving. There's something very special about gifting someone a book. You're not just giving them a book... You're giving them an adventure! Hours of entertainment! And if we're being honest... You're also giving them a little part of yourself!

But there are challenges in gifting books, too. You want to make sure the book comes highly recommended, right? Right. What if you don't read the same genres as the person you're buying for? Well, we've got a list of ten books from ten different genres that will satisfy even the pickiest reader in your life! We'll convince you to gift them (or read them yourself!) with a short synopsis and the first line of the book!

Historical Fiction

"If I have learned anything in this long life of mine, it is this: In love we find out who we want to be; in war we find out who we are."

A touching story about two sisters struggling to survive in a Germany invaded France during the height of WWII.


"From the kitchen, Callie heard Trevor tapping his fingers on the aquarium."

When Leigh, a successful lawyer, is forced to take on a new client her past comes back to haunt her. A dark secret kept between Leigh and her sister Callie threatens to be revealed.


"The silent witnesses lie everywhere, passing from one form of matter to another, gradually becoming unrecognizable to their nearest and dearest."

Harper Connelly has a strange job... She can sense the place where someone died and can relay what their final moments were like. Though some of her clients aren't always thrilled with the answers they receive.


"It began, as these stories often do, with a phone call, one that I had been dreading for decades."

In this harrowing memoir, Dianne Lake chronicles her experience with Charles Manson and becoming the youngest member of his "family".


"I love Thursday nights."

Jason Dessen wakes up to a life he doesn't know. His wife isn't his wife, his son was never born, and he's now a celebrated career as a scientific genius rather than a physics professor. Which reality is real? Jason embarks on a journey to figure it out.


"Let's start with the end of the world, why don't we?"

At the end of the world, a woman must hide her secret power and rescue her kidnapped daughter.

Coming of Age

"Every seven-year-old deserves a superhero."

After the passing of her grandmother, seven year old Elsa must go on an adventure to discover if the land of her bedtime stories really exisits.

Early Reader Chapter Book

"This story begins within the walls of a castle, with the birth of a mouse."

Sometimes the smallest mouse must be the bravest. In this fairy tale, Despereaux Tilling quests to save a real, human princess from a band of evil rats.

Picture Book

"My monster mama loves me so!"

In a sweet rhyming verse, this book depicts the special relationship between a monster mama and her little monster.

Picture Book

"Pink is for boys. And girls."

A wonderfully inclusive book that proves colors are for everyone, regardless of gender.

Let us know if any of these books make it on to your gift giving list!

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