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And The Oscar Goes To...

The 2023 Oscar Nominations were announced yesterday!

It was a great year for movies. From musicals to autobiographies to the absolutely off the wall original, we have an amazing line up for Best Picture!

I've seen most of the nominations, (I still have a few left to check off of my list,) and it got me thinking... Are there any books I could recommend based on these Best Picture nominees?

The answer is yes! I've taken five of the 2023 Best Picture Oscar nominees and paired them with books that give off similar themes, styles, and feelings.

First up, we have...

If you were a fan of Elvis, the singer or the movie... I highly recommend you pick up Taylor Jenkins Reid's novel Daisy Jones & The Six. The book follows along a band from the 1970's as the rise and fall from rock and roll fame. The book is told from the different perspectives of members of the band which makes this a fast paced and fully character driven read. Daisy Jones & The Six is also set to be a miniseries releasing in March of 2023 on Amazon Prime! Read the book before you see the adaptation!

Next up we have...

Everything Everywhere All At Once was my favorite movie of 2023. And I know... I know... If you've been keeping up with our blog you are probably tired of hearing me talk about Dark Matter by Blake Crouch... But I'm not done talking about it! Dark Matter doesn't have the same unique quirkiness that comes in the multiverses in Everything Everywhere All At Once... But the heart of both stories is the same. Dark Matter is a deep exploration of what could have been and the ultimate acceptance that no matter what you were offered in a multitude of multiverses... The one you are in, with the people that you love, is enough.

For fans of the bleak...

Martin McDonagh tells really bleak stories about really great characters. I walked away not being able to say I liked The Banshees of Inisherin, but I thought it was a really well told story. Both by McDonagh and the incredible actors on screen, (look at all of those acting nominations!) The Wonder by Emma Donoghue gave me very similar feelings. The story follows a nurse who is charged with watching over a young girl who claims she hasn't eaten in four months and is surviving off of her faith. Again, a very dark, bleak story that centers around family, relationships, and how we inadvertently (or purposefully) hurt each other.

For fans of non-fiction...

Women Talking is equally as hard to watch as it is inspiring to see. It is the story about a group of women in an isolated religious colony grappling with their faith after a series of sexual assaults. Educated is the incredible story of a young woman who breaks away from her survivalist family in order to go to college and explore the world. Both stories center women, the courage and determination it takes to challenge the status quo, and they are both based on true events!

Lastly, for my movie lovers...

I really struggled with a book suggestion for this movie because... It's Spielberg! The Fabelmans is the semi autobiographical story of Steven Spielberg, his love for movies, and his family. This was the most beautifully shot movie I saw this year, with the kind of frame work and lighting that only Spielberg can do. There are plenty of coming of age novels that I could have recommended to attempt to match the overall theme of this movie but none of them felt right. Steven Spielberg - A Retrospective is a wonderful exploration of Spielberg's work. After watching The Fabelmans and getting an idea for where Steven started, this book is the perfect follow up to see all of the wonderful magic he has made since!

What is your front runner for Best Picture this year at the Oscars? Let us know in the comments below!

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